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Bad Day Ver. Six 「Version 2: Revisited」
...things never go my way
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7th-Feb-2012 04:38 am - Friends + Only

50% "Friends Only". Comment to be added.

f(x) ・・Chu~♡
31st-May-2011 06:35 am - New Job At Best Buy
     So I quit my job at Kohls about a couple of weeks ago and I have a new job at Best Buy working as a Sales Associate in what they call the "Portable Electronics" area, which is essentially where the DVD's, Camera's, and MP3's are sold. On Sunday I had orientation and besides them giving us what they call our "blue shirts", watching scenarios on the DVD, filling out paperwork y'know, typical orientation stuff, the whole ordeal lasted for a ridiculous 8 hours. Yes, 8 hours. I've never had orientation for a part time job that lasted for 8 hours. I mean really it's just retail. It's not the serious. What made it last even longer was one of the managers who had a serious mouth on him and talked us to death. I never knew such a person, who could make a speech for 2 hours about a fictional sales scenario, using my name no less, existed. But in hindsight, atleast I got paid for it yeah? And I truly hated working at Kohls to be honest. The coworkers blew, I was hardly getting any hours, and then recently when I would get scheduled the new supervisor (who was a dick by the way) started scheduling me for things I had never gotten scheduled for like POS, which means cashier in Kohls speak. But on the real, I can't wait to get back in school. I definitely couldn't do retail my whole life. Servicing customers whom are generally assholes is not my thing or for
Erykah Badu ・・Baduizm
11th-Mar-2011 08:40 am - Growin' Out of J-pop, Kpop
I never would have thought that their would ever come a day when my interest in K-pop and J-pop would be pretty much nil, but it has. I recall it was around '02 when I discovered  my first J-pop singer, which was Utada Hikaru. She sung the now famous English version of her song Hikari called Simple and Clean, and it was played in the intro to Kingdom Hearts. My brother had bought the game from the now defunct Funcoland (I miss that place), and there was a short blurb about her in one of my his video game magazines; I think it was Game Informer or Playstation Magazine? Anyway, I downloaded her song from a music sharing site-- I can't remember which. From there, I discovered the original Japanese version called Hikari (not the PLANITb remix) and then in '03 and '04, I discovered other J-pop artists like Hamasaki Ayumi, BoA, and Koda Kumi.

'03 to '05 was the Golden Age of J-pop for me. There were so many catchy pop songs that were released during that time that I really dug, singers like Hamasaki Ayumi, BoA, and Koda Kumi were at the top of their game and dominated the Oricon charts, and it totally dominated my playlist. In fact, other than video game instrumentals, nothin' but J-pop was on my burned CD's-- this was before the MP3 player revolution. I'd have to admit, this age was also my Japanophile era, where I made the popular "American music sucks. Japanese music is better" statements that I still see bein' typed out on the net from newly anointed asiaphiles on Asia-pop forums, and which I mentally shake my head at because I think it's stupid.

However, in the middle of '05 I discovered IDM. J-pop still dominated my playlist, but folks like Autechre and Junkie XL began to creep in. When I graduated high school in '06, it was like a personal music revolution had begun. I discovered artists like Bjork, Future Sound of London, PJ Harvey, and 90's grunge bands like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. I was mentally kicking myself in the butt, asking myself how on earth did I not happen upon these folks til now? Looking back, when I listened to my first Bjork album, which was Homogenic, I think that was the beginning of the end of my Japanophile-ism. But I suppose when the rose colored tinted glasses of my love for anime and manga fell off was the real catalyst. I realized that, like other artistic mediums such as video games and movies, there will be a few anime titles that are good, but the rest of it is complete garbage. When I realized that, instead of putting it on a pedestal and thinking it's all great just because I enjoyed a few titles in that medium, I began to judge that particular art style to the same standard as I do others instead of not lookin' at it titles objectively. But I digress. (That is a whole other topic in itself)

To make an already long story shorter, I discovered various artists from different genre's, dug them, and sequentially left J-pop in the dust. After realizing that all of current western music doesn't entail folks like Britney Spears and Rihanna, whom I don't like, but it has folks like Janelle Monae and Vampire Weekend, whom I do like, that old statement that I used to utter about Japanese music being better and everything else inferior was dirt garbage. In '07 I did get heavily interested in K-pop because the songs were catchy and the groups/ singers were pretty, but at the end of 2010, I lost interest in that as well.

Erykah Badu ・・Baduizm
26th-Jan-2011 03:53 pm - New Header Using Corinne
  • I made a new header using Corinne Bailey Rae. I made a blending mistake on the dress.
    • I can't fix it either because I didn't save the .PSD file at that stage when I was making it.
  • But other than that I'm really proud of how far I've come with making graphics!
Erykah Badu ・・Baduizm

After reading a plethora of reviews from fellow natural honey's, I decided to try out Oyin Handmade-- and might I just say it is the bomb! While looking at the website I was pretty undecided about what to purchase, so I went with the 「Whipped Pudding」 and 「Shine & Define」 hair creme/styling serum for my twists, twist outs, and braid outs. I waited anxiously for these products to arrive in the mail, yet at the same time I didn't want to get my hopes up too high after being disappointed by the Carol's Daughter hair products. But fortunately, unlike Carol's Daughter, Oyin Handmade doesn't claim to be "natural" but then contains ingredients that are hard to pronounce. All of their ingredients are %100 natural and great.

The 「Whipped Pudding」 is a thick shea butter based hair cream that moisturizes, is good to lock in moisture and keep hair "supple for days", and "adds pliability from scalp to ends". You can even use it as a face cream if you don't like it on your hair, but this baby is going to be strictly used for my hair. Oyin added chocolate and vanilla fragrance to it, and it smells just like that; so nice.  But it's very thick, and next time I'm definitely ordering the 8 ounce jar; it leaves my hair so soft!

The other product, 「Shine & Define」 is described as a light, nourishing styling product. When I use it in conjunction with the "Whipped Pudding" it does what it's called--it really defines my twist or braid pattern and it gives my hair more shine; plus it smells really nice as well--like pineapple?
But for ages I've been pretty "whatever" about my hair. But after seeing Nikole from Moptop Maven's hair and looking at Kimmaytube's Youtube video's, I decided to start taking better care of my hair and grow it longer. Right now it's a few inches past my collar bone but I want it bra strap length.
Erykah Badu ・・Baduizm

Erykah Badu ・・Baduizm
17th-May-2010 09:54 pm - New Header!
'bout time right? I had that 2NE1 thing up for a long time.
Erykah Badu ・・Baduizm
28th-Apr-2010 05:43 pm - Hyori Lee- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

This was fierce. Too bad half of her record is more than likely plagiarized.
Erykah Badu ・・Baduizm
31st-Mar-2010 08:23 pm - It's A Monster, A Monster!

    Bought these from shopnastygal and twas love at first sight. I had to have them; especially for the heel. It's a monster! I love the way it's shaped and unconventional lookin'. But unfortunately, after I bought them money issues just decided they wanted to arise. But I'm workin' it out. I've been wearing them everywhere; to the book store, the theater, hell even the grocery store. An anonymous lady even complemented me on the shoes because they are fabulous!
    I've been wanting to get this dress from Bona Drag, but I've had to keep that on my imaginary wish list because I ain't got any money right now! I hope they still have my size by the time I do get enough cash.

T-ara ・・(sexy)Boram
21st-Feb-2010 06:46 pm - Girls' Generation × Oh!

f(x) ・・Chu~♡
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